Meet Me

Yes, I'm one of those writers!
  I haven't always been a writer although I should've been. It would have saved many trips to a certain doctor that I don't care to talk about. I played many scenes in my head until I figured out it is much more beneficial to put these scenes onto paper, or into a computer. Now my doctor is sad, but my pocketbook and I are much happier!
  The frozen tundra of Western New York is where I grew up. We were a football town with a hockey problem, hence my love of all types of hockey. It continues even now, even though I live in a warm climate where only us uprooted Northerners know of such a sport.
  I have a love of the outdoors and especially love trees, shrubs, and flowers. I call myself a horticulturalist because, well, I pretty much am. That is the paying job. For now anyways! The heroines of my first two novels are a nursery owner and an herbalist. I honestly can't think of writing without adding certain elements of nature. 
  To me inspiration comes from many different places, people, or objects. I've added some pictures of places I have been fortunate enough to visit. At times they appear as locations in my books. Other times I just picture myself living there. 
  Thanks again for stopping in. Please feel free to visit my blog, email, or stop by one of my other links to say hey! Until then it's just the voices in my head and me. 

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